Design is essential to every successful business. This key element is what allows an organization to make a positive, lasting first impression. We make it possible for brands to communicate their personalities through honest, well-designed branding.

Why Lumen?

We bring years of experience in brand development, advertising, and apparel design to help create simple and polished branding. Working closely with our clients, we help them thrive by creating a unique feeling around their brand.

Creative Services:

  • Logo Development 

  • Brand Collateral 

  • Brand Management 

  • Brand Naming 

  • Brand Positioning 

  • Style Guides

Our Process

Our first priority is to understand the vision and foundation on which our clients have built their brands. We discuss what matters most to them, getting to to the heart of why they're in business.

Next, we strategize to figure out the brand's best position. A brand's position is key to its success and allows for the brand's personality and values to show. This part of the process includes research on what is working for others in the same industry. Once the blueprint is drawn up, we move on to the design stage.

The design stage is focused around creativity. We take everything we have learned about the client and develop several concepts that establish the brand's look and feel. These concepts are then sent to the client for approval. Once reviewed, we move forward with further developing the branding concept the client has chosen.

The graphic design process was great. I was very happy with the product quality and value we received from Lumen. Great people to work with!
— Anna McMakin, SEA Group