It’s very easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to quality content. After days of trying to come up with fresh, creative content, your Tweets all start to sound the same. Your op-ed pieces drone on with the same syntax, spouting the same company lines that have engrained themselves into your writing. Your Facebook page…it’s boring. So what do you when you want to participate in the conversation, but are tired of what you’ve been saying?

1.       Get back to your roots.

What excites you about your organization? Maybe it’s a specific event or activity—maybe it’s the personalities in your workplace. Whatever it is, highlight that. Don’t be afraid to show a little personality and human element, especially in the informal world of social media. Share your office tunes, the menu of a lunch outing—sprinkle in a little something fun.

2.       Look at your work from a different angle (literally.)

To give your photos some varied perspective, get some shots from unique vantage points. Get down on the floor, go close up, or frame the picture in an interesting, artful way. Example: Say your subject matter is bakery items. Instead of taking a picture of 12 cupcakes sitting on a counter under florescent lights, take one cupcake, pair it with a hot beverage, nice place settings, and photograph it in natural lighting. Make it look inviting.

3.       Don’t always sell.

We all have lots of great information to share about our businesses—but even when it comes to writing—sometimes you’ve got to let others shine. Highlight your partners and supporters, and promote the fantastic work they do when you’ve got a moment in the limelight. Retweet a special event they’ve got coming up. Be a good resource to your followers and your community. It really goes a long way for both of you.

Don’t beat yourself up over always having something fresh to say. Make your words count, both online and in print. Don’t post for posting’s sake. And remember the three H’s: be helpful, humble, and honest.