Sometimes on social media, we fall into a routine. The same content (rephrased and with a different photo) shows up over and over again. So how can one shake things up a little bit when that routine becomes monotonous? How can we keep our followers from getting bored?

We’ve come up with a list of seven creative ways social media can (and has) been used to offer the viewer something unique and special.


1.  Facebook photo scavenger hunt. Allerton Park in Monticello, Illinois, often takes partial view photos from around the park and posts them to their Facebook page, asking people to guess where or what the photo is of within the park. For example, the photo would be of the bottom half of a sculpture. Not only does this showcase the aesthetics of the park, but it drives up engagement and exposure for their Facebook page.


2.  Twitter chats. Bringing people together to have a real-time conversation under a unified hashtag is a different way to use Twitter. The Association for Women in Communications uses these to discuss Communication topics in a Q&A form each month—which brings together Communicators from all over the US.


3.  Use Instagram to give an exclusive inside look. Cosmetic company NARS recently gave Instagram followers a behind-the-scenes look at models and their runway makeup before they hit the catwalk during New York Fashion Week. It offered a unique perspective and showcased the product!


4. Trivia Questions. Asking trivia questions on Facebook and Twitter are easy ways to share information and drive up interactions. The tricky part: finding a question that’s not too easy or too hard.


5.  Pinterest Potluck. Everyone loves a good potluck—so why not have your staff build the menu on Pinterest? Not only does it allow your staff members to have buy-in with your brand’s social media, but it’s an easy way to create content that can be shared with others. Everyone loves a good recipe on Pinterest.


6.  Let customers have a say. Retailer Modcloth often uses Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to let its followers choose which items they stock in-store. Again, this makes the buyer part of the business’s decision-making process—and is a nice way to guarantee more sales.


7.  A running theme for posts. GE showcased 22 days of inventions on Facebook with this series of carefully crafted graphics and facts. It showcased patented products and reinforced the company’s pioneering spirit for invention. 


Your social media doesn't always have to follow the same format. Try something new and get creative! Or, get in touch with us to see how we can help.