You might have looked at the title of this post and thought, “Really? Writing for social media is not hard. Can we even call it copywriting?” Trust me, I asked myself the same question. I hear you.

But so many people make errors that would, to some, seem like common sense when it comes to best practices in writing for social media. So today, we’re going to go over some of those mistakes and give a few tips on copywriting for social media that can help you look more professional and add ethos to your writing.


It’s common knowledge that using caps lock in writing is the same as screaming at the reader. Plus, it can be difficult to read and might create a sense of anxiety. We don’t want that. Instead, save caps lock for a single word you want to stand out.

Example: We need volunteers for the food drive we’re hosting TODAY.

2.  Use proper punctuation

Posts that include squiggles, lots of exclamation points and question marks at the end, or end in ellipses communicate a certain level of informality that you don’t really want associated with your business. You still want to appear professional, so stick with what your English teacher taught you.


A)  Join us today for the ~special~ tomato soup and grilled cheese!!!!!!!!!!

B)  Today’s special is the perfect fall combo: Tomato soup and grilled cheese!

3.  Keep it short

Twitter limits your characters, but that doesn’t mean Facebook is a place for a novel. Keep your captions and status updates to 2-3 sentences. If you need to share something in longer form, turn to your blog and give a ‘read more’ link when you post about it on Facebook.

4.  Caption your photo album images

Think of your photo album images as a way to give a guided tour to your viewer. You can introduce people in photos, narrate what’s happening in the images, and help people get a better understanding of why these images were so important you wanted to share them.

5.  Think about your content & put your words to work

So often I see pages that only post their daily specials or sale events. No photos, no descriptive words, just a piece of information they’re putting out there as fact. These posts can be easily enhanced with a bit of copywriting jazz hands. Yes, jazz hands.


A)  Today only- 50% off all pillows in the store!

B)  Pillows make a huge statement in any room that needs a little change. That’s why we want you to come by today for 50% off all pillows! See what a difference something small can make? (Include store image of pillows on display)

We are all copywriters. Even on social media. Words are powerful tools—so put them to work! Be mindful of how you’re presenting your brand through your copywriting for social media. Or, if you want a little help, get in touch with us!