September is a busy month for us at Lumen.

Why is that? Because we'll be speaking at two great conferences in Illinois!

First up is the @Midwest Social Media Conference in Bloomington, Illinois on September 12th.

Our Friday session will cover the topic of Content Creation. During the hour of our presentation, we'll be discussing how to come up with new ideas for content, how to repackage old content, and some creative ways to engage your team on social channels.

We've incorporated some excellent examples of content creators who do it right as well as some general best practices for social media. We'll keep things pretty general since this session is geared toward a variety of experience levels.

The following week is the Illinois Women in Leadership Women's Symposium in Springfield, Illinois on September 18th.

At this conference, we'll be talking about mentoring and motivating Millennials.  Since we fall within this demographic ourselves, we have some unique perspective to share. This session is a chance to look at the statistics and examine how this demographic has different values, motivators, and outlooks. When mentors and leaders can better understand their mentees, the relationship can only improve.

We hope we'll get the chance to meet you at one of these conferences, but if we don't get the chance to interact in person, please reach out to us via Twitter to say hello!