Social media is all about being social, right?

So why not take the time to ask your following a question every now and then?

You can gain valuable feedback by taking the questions you need answered directly to the people who matter most.

Here's how:

1. Product Purchasing

If you're in a product business, you want to buy the items that are most likely to sell. So by including your social media audience in the buying process, you can both

A) Make your audience realize you value their opinions

B) Start adding new products to your store that are more likely to sell.

ModCloth does a great job of this with their "Be The Buyer" program that allows online users to vote on which items they want to see in store.

2. Promotions

There's no better way to find out which marketing strategy works best than by coming right out and asking. Ask your audience what they like best in terms of:

  • Types of promotions (free shipping, percentage off, etc.)

  • Time and frequency of promotions (Black Friday deals, monthly promotions for email subscribers)

  • Referral systems (Refer a friend and get X free, points for purchases)

3. Company Improvements

We all know that social media users are more than happy to share their negative reviews when things go poorly, but being proactive and asking your social media audience how you can improve customer service, website usability, and more means you can get out in front of those negative reactions.


Not all of us have the time and staff resources to be proactive on social media. That's where we can help.

Get in touchasking questions is always free.